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Christmas Tree Single

 Volume 4 ~ Heartwarming Tales of Christmas Present

“The Twelve Days of Kindness” ~ by Jenness Walker

Virginia ~ Present Day

After Tonya and her brother get caught opening presents early, they’re assigned a twelve-day project to help them learn it’s better to give than to receive.

Christmas Tree Single

“Secondhand Miracle” ~ by Susan Call

Pennsylvania ~ Present Day

A rugged retired sailor, Henry Peraron’s pursuit of the perfect gift, within his wife’s twenty dollar spending limit leads to a miraculous heart-warming Christmas surprise.

Christmas Tree Single

“Ring of Kindness” ~ by Sarah Forgrave

Cincinnati, Ohio ~ Present Day

A random act of kindness sends a young widow on a mission…and comes full circle when she donates her Christmas tree to a family in need

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“Christmas Dreams” ~ by Ashley Clark

Alabama ~ Present Day

When a flight gets canceled, a grandmother faces the prospect of spending Christmas all alone…until an unexpected visitor arrives and gives her the gift of her dreams.

Christmas Tree Single

“Here We Come A-Wassailing” ~ by Anita Mae Draper

North Dakota ~ Present Day

By extending Christ’s love on a long stormy drive, a woman surprises her mother on a late Christmas Eve with a carload of strangers.

Christmas Tree Single

 “The Memory Shop” ~ by Carla Olson Gade

Woodbine, Iowa ~ Present Day

The proprietor of a Main Street memorabilia shop finds his own cherished memories rekindled and relationships renewed at Christmastime.

Christmas Tree Single

“A Bloom in Winter” ~ by Anne Mateer

Central Pennsylvania ~ Present Day

A young woman pursuing her PhD and the professor’s widow who has allowed her to rent a room discover unexpected gifts of friendship and faith in the midst of a difficult holiday season.

Christmas Tree Single

“Promises, Promises” ~ by Liz Johnson

A small town in Iowa ~ Present Day

After thirty-one years of marriage, Susanna’s husband is strangely absent from the holiday festivities this year, so she searches for the source of his distraction but, instead, discovers a Christmas truth she never imagined.

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Volume 3 ~ Heartwarming Tales of Christmas Past

“The Christmas Scarf” ~ by Liz Johnson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ 1975

Nurse Kate Sullivan hasn’t seen or heard from her brother in almost ten years, but as she searches for him among Philadelphia’s homeless Vietnam veterans, she discovers that hope and sacrifice are alive, especially at Christmas.

Christmas Tree Single

“A Bracelet for Christmas” ~ by Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock

Near the Mississippi Gulf Coast ~ 1957

The forbidden alliance of two nine-year-old girls blossoms until, at Christmastime, one of them is stricken with Polio, prompting the other to brave the biases of a neighborhood to deliver a special gift and save the magical friendship.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Family Quilt” ~ by Mona Hodgson

Cripple Creek, Colorado ~ 1890s

An adult daughter is making a scrap quilt for Christmas to cheer her newly widowed mother and soon finds that the painful remnants in her own heart are being stitched together in love.

Christmas Tree Single

“Special Delivery” ~ by Susan Page Davis

Maine ~ 1913

Seven-year-old Benjy is mailed by Parcel Post and rides in a railroad post office car to see his family at Christmas.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Plum Pudding Phenomenon” ~ by Kae Noyce Tienstra

Denver, Colorado ~ 1950s

A young girl and her family find their tradition of plum pudding making helps them overcome hard times and brings a Christmas blessing to their friends as well.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Letter” ~ by Debbie Lynne Costello

Savannah, Georgia ~ 1945

A recent WWII widow receives a mysterious letter seeking reconciliation with her in-laws that leads to the true joy of Christmas.

Christmas Tree Single

“Finding Something Precious” ~ by Pam Hanson & Barbara Andrews

St. Joseph, Michigan ~ 1932

A depression-era story about compassion with an O. Henry twist.

Christmas Tree Single

“A Father’s Gift” ~ by Keli Gwyn

Meadow Lake, California ~ 1866

A young man harboring resentment over hurts received early in his life must choose whether or not to embrace the family, friendships and unexpected gifts that come his way one snowbound Christmas.

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 Volume 2 ~ Tales of Joy and Wonder for the Holidays

“Meatloaf and Other Minor Miracles” ~ by Liz Johnson

Nashville, Tennessee ~ Present Day

A nervous fiancée agrees to make a traditional Southern Christmas Eve meal and experiences a culinary miracle when a grocery store angel comes to her rescue.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Best Dead Christmas Tree” ~ by Linda S. Clare

 Salt Lake City, Utah and Yuma, Arizona ~ 1961

A ten year-old girl, stuck for months in a children’s hospital, dreams of going home for Christmas.

Christmas Tree Single

“Beneath the Christmas Star” ~ by Johnnie Alexander Donley

Bradford County, Florida ~ Christmas Eve, 1944

After a twelve-year-old boy finds an escaped German POW, he discovers their differences aren’t that great after all.

Christmas Tree Single

“Calling Grandma Jean” ~ by Pam Hanson & Barbara Andrews

Mid-20th century

A story about a little girl’s special relationship with her grandmother.

Christmas Tree Single

The Christmas Thief ~ by Ashley Clark

Charleston, South Carolina ~ Present Day

A homeless man steals a rare Bible from inside a Charleston church on Christmas Eve, but when he hears the story behind the artifact, his life will change forever.

Christmas Tree Single

“Postcards at Christmas” ~ by Julie Carobini

Holly Hills, Pennsylvania ~ Present Day

One woman’s search for a Christmas miracle brings a dying town to life.

Christmas Tree Single

“A Stranger’s Visit to the Lighthouse” ~ by Marilyn Turk

An island off the coast of Maine ~ 1890

When the lighthouse keeper is stranded on the mainland due to a snowstorm, his young pregnant wife is left alone to care for the light until a shipwrecked stranger arrives at her door just in time.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Snow Globe” ~ by Ginger Kolbaba

Wisconsin ~ Present Day

A lonely woman discovers the secret to celebrating life in all circumstances through a most unusual means: a snow globe.

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 Volume 1 ~ Tales of Faith and Family for the Holidays

“The Chevalier” ~ by Susan Page Davis

Maine ~ 1931

Old Mr. Bacon, a patron of Ned’s antique shop, asks Ned to find out if his brother has a family heirloom that Mr. Bacon feels should belong to him.

Christmas Tree Single

“Second-Chance Christmas” ~ by Jenness Walker

Upstate New York ~ 1950s

When his grandchildren come for an unexpected visit the week of Christmas, Bryan “Scrooge” Chadwick has a second chance at being part of the family.

Christmas Tree Single

“Not Quite Home for the Holidays” ~ by Pam Hanson & Barbara Andrews

On board a train traveling from Chicago, Illinois to Michigan ~ Post WWII

A tale of a family who just wants to take the train home for Christmas and three wise soldiers who touch their hearts.

Christmas Tree Single

“Mrs. Meyer’s Christmas Caller” ~ by Jessica Keller

A homeless kitten found on Christmas Eve helps a daughter meet her biological mother for the first time.

Christmas Tree Single

“Riding on a Christmas Wish” ~ by Anita Draper

Ontario ~ 1911

An overprotective father must choose between trusting God or denying his daughter her Christmas wish.

Christmas Tree Single

“Upon a Christmas Tree Schooner” ~ by Carla Olson Gade

Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ~ 1880

A ship’s captain takes his schooner upon icy Lake Michigan in his last haul of the season for Christmas trees for the German immigrants in his town. His journey leads to an unexpected surprise of hope and healing and a Christmas gift to treasure for years to come.

Christmas Tree Single

“Snowed In” ~ by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ~ 1945

A wounded WWII veteran brings his girlfriend’s sisters to his grandmother’s Northwoods cabin when a blizzard strikes.

Christmas Tree Single

“The Prodigal” ~ by Jennifer Johnson

A small town in Washington ~ Present Day

Hoping for reconciliation, a retired veteran sends daily emails to his son, all the while caring for his loyal golden retriever.

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