“Finding Something Precious” by Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews

Greetings from the mother-daughter writing team of Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews. We’re so excited to once again be included in A Cup of Christmas Cheer for Guideposts books. We had two stories set in previous decades last time, and this year we’re transporting readers to the past as well. We’d like to send a special thank you to Karin Tauscher Fuller for her valuable input on this story.

The setting:
St. Joseph, Michigan, 1932


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The story:
Michigan mother Martha Warner is trying hard to give her two children a good Christmas. Her husband, Bill, has taken a temporary job in Chicago because they had to close their restaurant when their landlady raised the rent. Times are tough during the Great Depression. All Martha and Bill want is to be together with their family for Christmas. It takes an unselfish act on the part of their daughter, Caroline, to melt their landlady’s heart by saving her beloved pet.

The Inspiration:
One part It’s a Wonderful Life and one part The Gift of the Magi mixed together with the joy and hope of the season.

The Takeaway:
We hope after reading this story you will hug those you love just a little closer this Christmas season and year-round.


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Christmas traditions:
After Christmas Eve service, we always have eggnog and appetizers for dinner and the boys (Pam’s sons, now big, and Barbara’s grandsons) open one present each.

Your Turn:
What do you remember most about spending Christmas with your grandparents?

Wishing you all the
blessings of the season!

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Pam Hanson and Barbara AndrewsThe Storytellers:
Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews, her mother, have been writing together for more than 20 years. They are the authors of more than 40 novels together including numerous books, novellas, and short stories for Guideposts. You can find them on Facebook at facebook.com/pamandrewshanson


4 thoughts on ““Finding Something Precious” by Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews

  1. What a neat story, Pam and Barbara! I had the chance to read Finding Something Precious and was struck by the challenges faced in the 1930’s, as well as the reminder to be grateful for all our blessings. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  2. I love that the two of you write together. That must be such a special bond. I would love to know just how you go about doing it. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your story, Pam and Barbara. The Gift of the Magi is one of my favorite Christmas stories, and I really liked that element in yours.

    As a child I loved visiting my grandparents. They had an aluminum tree with red ornaments. I thought it was quite unique. Whenever I see a silver Christmas tree, I’m swept back in time to the giddy girl I was who eagerly awaited Christmas morning at Nanny and Grandpa’s.

  4. I will never forget my grandmother making her delicious sweets at Christmas. A mother daughter duo is wonderful!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

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