Getting to Know the Cup of Christmas Cheer Authors

Sixteen heartwarming stories fill the A Cup of Christmas Cheer volumes released this year. Sixteen authors created the captivating stories. We’d like to tell you a bit about ourselves.

Eight of us are veteran Cup of Christmas Cheer authors who had stories in the debut volumes released in 2013 and are back with new stories this year. The other eight are new members of the Cup of Christmas Cheer family.

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Our stories are set in many places, which is reflective of where we live. Between us, we call eleven different states and one Canadian province home. Of those of us in the United States, two live in the Northeast, eight in the South, three in the Midwest, and two in the West.

Christmas often conjures images of snowstorms and sleigh rides. Three of us live where there can be a lot of snow and sleigh rides would be a real possibility. Three of us live in sunny Florida, where sunshine is plentiful, snow is scarce, and sleighs would need wheels. The rest of us live where in places where we might get from two inches to two feet of snow and probably enjoy most of our sleigh rides via stories, songs, and TV shows or movies.Snowy Scene - Gwyn Photo

Even those of us who don’t live in snowy climes can experience another well-known aspect of Christmas: shopping for presents sure to please our family and friends. Many of us will be giving copies of A Cup of Christmas Cheer this year. These cute books would make a great gift. They’re just the right size to slip in a Christmas stocking. Although it’s only October, it’s not too early to place an order for A Cup of Christmas Cheer. The new volumes are in stock and ready to ship.

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Is October too early to begin Christmas shopping? Half of our authors don’t think so. They’ve been shopping for gifts all year. The rest of us prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to shift into shopping mode. A few of us even admit to being last-minute shoppers. Guideposts can accommodate all of us, since they offer free shipping from now through Christmas and have several shipping options.

You’ve gotten to know a bit about us, but you can learn more. If you visit The Stories page of our site, you’ll find information about our stories, but there are also links to our personal websites/blogs.

We’d like to get to know you. We’ve told you where we’re from, how much snow we get, and what types of Christmas shoppers we are. It’s your turn to tell us the same things about yourself. You can leave a comment by clicking on the green circle below this post’s date.

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